Friday, 8 April 2011

Ways to cross a river

8th April 11, Newton Links & Long Nanny, 8am

The bridge at Long Nanny is a great location for photographs (today's free tip!). The river gives a nice foreground, and a 'leading line'. Looking the other way at sunset is beautiful too. As a bonus it's a good way to cross the Nanny...

...of course, if you're a dog, you can cross the bridge, run along the sand and run straight back through the river!

It's been quite a busy week hereabouts (Scottish Easter holidays apparently) but there was not a soul on the beach today as we headed for home via some fun running games seemingly based on a bullfight scenario - Don't know where Daisy picked that one up! Torro, Torro! or should that be Doggo, Doggo! ;-) I wish I was as fit as a 1 year old puppy.

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Heading out across the sand
Alone between the sea and land
You could sit all day with a view this grand
But homeward we must go.

1 comment:

Lynn Webber said...

I love the one of Daisy crossing the bridge! Great colours and patterns, and the joy of speed. I like your wee poem as well.