Monday, 30 August 2010

wind and wave

30th August10, Low Newton, 8 am

All day yesterday a North wind blew cold and brisk down the coast. This morning the sea didn't know what to do for the best as it boiled and raged; waves impotent in the face of a stronger force of nature. Onshore waves fought against a northerly swell and the Emblestone rocks were harried from each side. Meanwhile the wind whisked away the spray but not with yesterday's ferocity.

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you-wee because said...

Thanx for your comment on my site, Andy. My summer break is already over, but I've been very busy within the recent weeks.
Beside my job I did (and still do) some "marketing jobs" for a friend on our favourite vacation island: foldouts, flyers and a first internet presence:

Next week I will be at... ;-) on the other side of our planet (job-related) - you cerainly will see some of my pictures after my return.
So please be a little patient.

Regards, Uwe.