Wednesday, 2 June 2010

subliminal advertising

2nd June10, Craster to Dunstanburgh castle, 8am

This is a rarely visited coast (for me - it's very busy with everyone else). There are sheep and cows loose on the path so Trooper can't get off the lead. Today he's under close control as he's not allowed to run any more so we could walk safely. He couldn't be bothered even growling at the lambs so we had a well behaved walk which was ideal as the farmer came by on her quad.

This strip of coast will be the site for my "Guided Photography Walks" on Thursday 10th and 17th June (meet at Craster car park at 8am £12) so we had a recce along to see what could be seen.

This shot sums up the atmosphere this morning. Millpond calm sea shimmering in the hazy sun. The sea, flat in texture and colour, reflected the sky wherein hung low cloud that had been low mist overnight.

The shore hereabouts is perfect to set off the castle depending on the state of the tide.

The late spring has kept the grass short while the wild flowers (here mostly daisy, buttercup and grasses) have shot up into bloom with the arrival of warm weather interspersed with rainy days.

The craster shore is a classic Whin landscape with gorse in abundance. Here at The Heughs the Whin is exposed as cliffs and there's a lovely walk amongst Hawthorn and ferns. Whin is a local name for dolerite a hard, igneous rock favoured for making roads. The name comes, so they say, from the "whinnnn!" noise made when you hit it with a hammer.


you-wee because said...

Sorry, no can do!
Neither on Thursday 10th nor on 17th.
At that time I will be already on my way to... ?
But wait, you probably will see the photos from my trip afterwards! ;-)

Have a pleasant photography walk with your participants!

Until next week,


Lynn Webber said...

Your subliminal advertising is working. I'm tempted to hop on a plane!