Tuesday, 25 August 2009

comings and goings

A very busy weekend with two weddings and a craft fair. I met some lovely folk who tune into my blog regularly so hello to you and sorry for the couple of days gap!

21st August09, High Newton, 6pm

A fine stone circle made presumably by a visitor (locals don't have time for such artistic endeavours!).

Not all crab shells represent a dead crab as they shed their shells when "L" is a bit tight and it's time to go "XL". know the feeling.

This represents something that has shed its mortal coil without any doubt.

22nd August09, Low Newton, 8am

24th August09, High Newton/Football Hole, 8am

The sea was so bright that the sky took on this dark quality more in the photograph than in reality.

This barefootin' individual didn't know if they were coming or going (or dancing)

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