Friday, 3 July 2009

Flannel isle

2nd July09, High Newton, 7pm

An evening visit to the lovely evening light at low tide.

This wndbreak was very necessary as there was a good breeze. Perfect windbreak conditions - sun from one direction, wind from the other.

3rd July09, High Newton, 8am

On Flannan Isle there was a lighthouse which was found abandoned - Google it to find out more. We read the poem at school and the story's haunted me ever since . I wish there was a cormorant in the background of this sunbed left abandoned from yesterday's sun. This morning's fretty fog was not conducive to catching a tan!

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Lynn Webber said...

That is a haunting tragic tale, and Flannan Isle is a great poem. I'm kind of glad you didn't see a cormorant. That would have been a bit too spooky.