Monday 16 March 2009

The disembodied glove

The day didn't look promising as it started raining just as we left the house. Being from the West coast of Scotland originally, the rain is in my blood and I find the climate very dry this far East! It was nice to walk along with the sound of rain on my hat - it's a strangely relaxing sound. A rainy day does make for a flat, uniformally grey sky though so I turned my attention beachward.

16th March09, High Newton, 8am

The path to the beach

The Disembodied Glove - pointing enigmatically back towards the sea from whence it had come on the last high tide

Hornwrack - Looks like a seaweed but is in fact a colony of tiny animals called bryozoans This lives offshore but is commonly washed up to the strandline.

The "inukshuk" is now over 3 weeks old. He's obviously in a very sheltered spot and no small children have knocked him down as he's pretty wobbly! (see 26th Feb09)

A hopeful seedling germinating on the beach.

Distant dog walkers in the rain

Not a starfish

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