Saturday, 15 February 2014


13th February 2014, Low Newton, 5pm

After a long, wet day the rain stopped so we headed off into the gathering gloom. On top of our favourite hill I sat and watched & listened to the world while Daisy watched & listened too. As the threatening clouds blustered overhead and specks of rain dotted around, the wind was like an icy slap in the face. Still we sat, Daisy in her furs, me in a warm jacket as cosy as summer in my coccoon.

14th February 2014, Christon Bank, 7:30am

How apporpraite for Valentine's Day that the birds have paired up on the wires.

14th February 2014, Low Newton, 9am

After yesterday's 'moody' shot I was asked to share a happier one...

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