Friday 24 May 2024

blue hints

 24th May 24, Alnmouth, 9am

A hint of blue in the sky and no rain which was nice...

Sunday 19 May 2024

racing tooters

 19th May 24, Buston, 1pm

A nice day for a run with no undergrowth to contend with here.

The sound of a tooter turned out to be to do with this dinghy race.


 17th May 24, Buston, 9am

A lovely sea on a sunny morning.   Shorts and puffa jackets!

oh no not nettles

 16th May 2024, Shilbottle, 4pm

It started off OK down the path but the rain and recent sun has caused the undergrowth to shoot up and obliterate the path.  Andy the dreaded nettles are back...

Saturday 11 May 2024


 10th May 24, Bamburgh, 5pm

Beautiful gentle light across to Holy Island from Bamburgh Castle yesterday.

back to warmth

11th May 24, Warkworth, 9am 

Back from a few days in Ireland to find the sun has come out and it's finally properly warm

Tuesday 23 April 2024

sunny running

 23rd April 24, Embleton Bay, 5pm

A run after work.  The bright weather helped with the inspiration.