Sunday, 17 June 2018

close waves

17th June 2018, Beadnell Bay, 6am

Daisy had a good run about but we stayed well away from the tern colony and turned back South along a high tide beach.

The high tide brings the breaking waves nice and close to the camera.

Some of the wild flowers are fading now but others are glorious.  Sea Pink or Thrift with bird's foot trefoil in the background.

storms passing

16th June 2018, Newton Point, 5pm

There was thunder in the air and Daisy was a bit unsettled but my rain app told me it was heading away over the sea so we headed out.

Soon the clouds were out over the horizon and blue sky was coming up from behind.

Friday, 15 June 2018


15th June 2018, Embleton Bay, 7am

After a really windy day yesterday I expected the sea to be stirred up but all was calm.

early best?

13th June 2018, Embleton Bay, 7am

A quick dogwalk before a training day.  It's worth getting up early for the peace and solitude of an empty beach.

13th June 2018, Embleton Bay, 10am

A couple of hours later and time to be sociable.

On a sunny stroll up the beach with two Northumberland Photo Training clients I met the National Trust wardens and volunteers clearing non-native and invasive plants from the dunes. You could spend all day photographing flowers around here at this time of year including these beautiful "Bloody Cranesbill" and (some variety of) dandelion. These flowers belong here along with hundreds of other beautiful wild flowers. Nature does it best.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


10th June 2018, Howick shore, 10am

Many visitors seem to enjoy relaxing by creating balanced piles of stones.  They are beautiful creations.

There was something different about this set though...

walk this way

8th June 2018, Embleton Bay, 8am

When I get the camera out, Daisy walks towards me to stop me taking a photo.  Sometimes it makes for a better photo though.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

A chilly June day

6th June 2018, Embleton Bay, 7:30am

A very cold N wind blew down the beach and cold grey waves crashed onto the shore.

This is a bleak, magnificent place where you can feel the weather, feel nature all around you and feel alive. It's often chilly in the wind on the beach even on an otherwise warm day.  Anyone visiting this place has to take it as they find it.  No point complaining.

6th June 2018, Newton Point, 3pm

In among the wildflowers...