Sunday, 5 April 2020

sleeping it off

5th April 2020, Longhorsley, 8am

Spring sunshine dapples
On daffodils in the wood
Hiding in a glade

5th April 2020, at home, all day

Friday, 3 April 2020

fear and loathing

3rd April 2020, Alnmouth, 6am

An early rise and a short drive to Alnmouth.

We're under a lot of restrictions and the car parks are closed off with stones and signs.  Because I've been commissioned to take inspirational photographs for the NHS I can justify being there (cos I'm working) but there is such a climate of fear, anger from locals and heavy threats from the police that it felt very uncomfortable.  I got my photos (and was never within 200m of anyone else never mind 2m!) but I've never felt so ill at ease on a beach before.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

new light part 2

2nd April 2020, Longhorsley, 6:30am

Sunrise through the window of the old ruined church.

Another take of my "New Light Through Old Windows" photograph from 2008.

This window has looked down on generations through the happiest of days and the saddest of days over centuries.  Gravestones here speak of TB in Victorian times when whole families of children were wiped out by "The White Plague".

It gives the passer by a sense of perspective on current events.

I can see the sea

1st April 2020, Shilbottle, 10am

A cycle on the fancy mountain bike for a change today.  This bike never fails to put a smile on my face.

This route went from my house over the A1 which was dead easy because the road is so quiet.

From up on the Alnwick moor I still had a distant view of the sea shining in the distance.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

spring springs

31st March 2020, at home, 8am

So we leave March in a very different world than we entered it.

But spring is springing all around if you keep your head up and look around.

And spring will come again
Quickly followed by summer
Just as they always have.
As time rolls on
As surely as the stars
And tomorrow’s sunrise
Until all that is now
Is just a memory

31st March 2020, at home, 10am

For my one session of exercise (which has to be from the house) I cycled down to Warkworth then across to Alnmouth via the beach and the bumpy road.  It was nice to be back on the beach, even on a grey day, but it was sad not to have Daisy with me.

Friday, 27 March 2020

beach closed

27th March 2020, Shilbottle, 7am

Lockdown Day 4

A wander round the fields with Daisy.  I'm grateful I've got these fields on my doorstep.  There are plenty of people around on these walks though  There's not much feeling of isolation.  Everyone is avoiding each other but most people still say hello.

27th March 2020, Alnmouth, 9:30am

The rule seems to be* that your one session of daily exercise must be from your doorstep.  Well I can cycle to Alnmouth via the new cycle track from Alnwick so that's all fine.  I did feel a sense of "what's he up to?" emanating from some people but I'm satisfied that I was cycling on my own, never talked to anyone or touched anything.  I even opened the one gate with a stick.

Down at Alnmouth it looks like they're preparing for another influx of misguided visitors to the beach at the weekend.  I'll be keeping away.

*there are contradictions in the advice I've seen.  It seems to me that it's sensible to drive to a quieter area.  I do understand what this place could be like at the weekend though.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020


24th March 2020, Alnmouth, 7am

Corona Virus lockdown began today.

Everyone in UK has to stay in their homes for the foreseeable future but we are allowed out for shopping and exercise.

I intend to make full use of the exercise allowance.

There were a few dog walkers down on the beach but I felt the social isolation very strongly.