Friday, 19 January 2018


19th January 2018, Embleton Bay, 7:30am

A quick sunrise dog walk just me and the curlews.

I'll be back here leading a history walk for guests of HPB Lucker Hall later this morning followed by lunch at The Ship Inn at Low Newton.

It's a good way to make a living.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

in the corner

18th January 2018, Embleton Bay, 7:45am

Half an hour before sunrise and the colour is limited to a small corner of the sky

A few minutes before sunrise and the light has spread wider from the sky to the beach

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


17th January 2018, Embleton Bay, 8am

The first sunlight was absolutely vivid on the bracken on the dunes this morning.

Daisy has two tactics to avoid having her photograph taken.  Shut the eyes then walk towards the camera.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


16th January 2018, Embelton Bay

After a few days in Glasgow filming in a recording studio, it was good to be home

We're back.
Swapping the city for the empty beach.
Trendy cafes for sunrise skies
And one-way conversations with the dog
This is my life

Saturday, 13 January 2018

chilly in the wind

13th January 2018, Embleton Bay, 8:30am

Sometimes the joy of being outdoors comes from a grim masochism. There’s a satisfaction from being wrapped up against the elemental forces of winter weather. You can appreciate the drama without being so cold you can’t function. At best it’s a delayed hedonism for that moment when you’re back home in the warmth.

Daisy and me sat up the top of the dune sheltering as best we could and we watched our friends (doggy and human) battling home against the wind.

Friday, 12 January 2018

shades of cloud

12th January 2018, Embleton Bay, 7:30am

Thick dark grey cloud for the last couple of days has meant it never really got light.

It was like night time when we first arrived today but unlike recent mornings it did get brighter thanks to light grey clouds.  The daylight revealed a misty seascape with the other end of Embleton Bay invisible.

A few oyster catchers scuttled along the beach and otherwise it was just us.  I always feel that this landscape belongs to the wildlife and we are just their guests.  After a quick photo we moved on and left them to their wormy breakfast.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


9th January 2018, Howick gardens, 8am

On a dark, grey, winter day I was expecting to find shapes and textures around my walk. I did, but also some surprising but beautiful winter colour.