Thursday, 20 January 2011


20th January11, Embleton Bay, 05:30 am

A very early start this morning as the full moon was bright and intriguing. I wanted to see what the beach looked like by the light of the moon so I left Daisy asleep and headed off.

Unusually for me I was armed with an SLR and tripod as these were tricky photographic conditions. I used a 30 second exposure for these shots which means that the movement of the stars and Venus through the sky is apparent by a slight elongation of their shape. It's also interesting to see the true colours of the different stars.

The long exposure generates a lot of 'noise' which for me slightly spoils the look of the photographs. Once back home I found a function to reduce noise during long exposures but you have to use that when you take the picture, not once you're home. It's not a function that I've ever needed during a wedding(!) and this trip was a spontaneous idea this morning so today's lessons are: 1. Know your equipment, 2. plan in advance so that you know the best set up to use for the shot you want, 3. practice makes perfect.

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Lynn said...

Wow,these are magical and inspiring! They look perfect to me.

you-wee because said...

Great very-very-early-morning shots, Andy!
My Olympus unfortunatly generates to much noise at very long exposure times so that it's pretty difficult to differentiate between noise and (real) stars... ;-)


Paul said...

Was out this morning myself enjoying the full moon and Venus. Mind you I was driving between Harrogate & York so I also had to keep my eyes on the road (sometimes). Great pictures Andy.