Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Walking Miss Daisy

23rd June10, Newton Links, 7pm

Meet Daisy, our new walking companion on the Northumberland Coast. Those of you who have had a dog before will understand the gap that's left in your life by the departure of an old friend like Trooper. A litter of 5 girls came up for rescue at our local shelter and we couldn't resist.

She's a lurcher (like Trooper) and is probably a greyhound/collie cross (like Trooper). She's only 7 weeks old and has had no vaccinations so she's only allowed on the clean sand at low tide by way of an introduction. Over the next few weeks she'll become a regular on my walks.

More photos here on my other blog.


Paul said...

Welcome Daisy! Love that top photo. Daisy seems to be thinking "hmmm....I'm not sure what this stuff is but there's sure a lot of it.

She looks lovely Andy and I look forward to many more pics in the future as she explores her new surroundings.

Lynn said...

Great to see you have a new walking companion, Andy! She's beautiful, and I do admire those lovely big white paws. No doubt you'll have some fine adventures on your future walks !

you-wee because said...

I knew that this would happen - a new walking / animal companion - great!

Without this new friend the beaches of Northumberland - and the photographs of the beaches - would have been much too "empty"

Welcome Daisy (Gänseblümchen)!


Anonymous said...