Saturday, 19 June 2010

Jelly Things

18th June10, Newton Links, 5pm

A pleasant evening which would be warm but for the chilly NE wind.

Moon jellyfish were all over the sand but this one was on the seaweed and was holding on to a mass of tiny bubbles. I never know whether these are alive and waiting for the tide or not.

Hundreds of tiny sea gooseberries all along the edge of the sea.


Lynn said...

What beautiful jelly creatures. I love your photo of the sea gooseberries.

you-wee because said...

Obviously you have the same type of jellyfish on your Northumberland shoreline that I'm used to see when I stay at the German or Danish North Sea coast. Even with the "sea gooseberries" I'm well aquainted. In August, there are a lot of these little jelly things in the water. So you have to move them away with each single arm stroke while swimming.

Have a pleasant week!