Tuesday, 1 June 2010

One Sun?

It's hard to believe sometimes that just one sun, constantly emitting light of the same spectrum of wavelengths can interact with our atmosphere and produce such different light conditions every day if not every hour.

29th May10, Low Newton, 7pm

A late evening walk with Trooper to tire him out and settle him down a bit. The light was flat with an overcast sky and this stranded boat caught my mood. Once home he slept all evening and I was able to enjoy Eurovision all the way through! Glückwünsche Deutschland!

30th May10, Hepburn woods, 3pm

Inland to avoid the high tide and crowds of visitors here for the bank holiday. This valley never fails to offer interesting light and the fields of oil seed rape enhance the patchy sunlight.

30th May10, Newton Links, 8pm

A beautiful evening and the warm evening light at this time of year illuminates the beach from the NW. The crowds had been reduced to one or two wanderers but the coast puts on the show regardless of audience.

31st May10, Howick coast, 5pm

These sand ripples are actually made of carboniferous sandstone and are a fossilised beach from 300 million years ago. This is a wonderful bit of coast for geology if you know what you're looking for.

Here we see the layers of sand piled up representing millions of years of deposition.

This is probably an "early marsh orchid" but they all look very similar to my uneducated eye. Not as spectacular as some orchids but it's ours.

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you-wee because said...

Yeah, LENA is best! We are already European Champion in a sing-song contest... ;-))
But you took much better photographs than her!

Congrats, Andy!