Monday, 14 June 2010

A different View

13th June10, Fallodon Woods, 8am

A quick walk through the woods. Everything is very green (and very wet from the overnight rain). The abundance of one colour makes me want to look in black and white.

14th June10, Embleton Bay, 9am

A fine morning after more rain overnight. The skaith is a curious pond. It is affected both by the tide and by the inflow of water from theEmbleton Burn and it looks different every day. Today it was looking very bonny.

It being low tide I wandered out onto the Emblestones for the first time. It's a rough, bouldery walk out a stony causeway which was never suitable for Trooper's spindly legs. It's an interesting spot when you get there with rocks that are wave splashed but never submerged. The yellow splash lichen is very strongly established perhaps because there are few passing feet to disturb it.

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