Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Trooper's last days

Poor old Trooper was finally put to sleep yesterday after 4 weeks of being unwell. He died peacefully at home in my arms which is the best we could do for him.

I'm sorry to anyone reading this who I should really have phoned personally but I can't talk just now. I always knew it would hit me hard.

Penultimate walk, Low Newton, 7th June10

Trooper's mostly oblivious to my presence and is walking and following by instinct.

Last walk, Embleton Bay, 8th June10

Trooper's meandering walk tells a story. He'd fallen in the river already this morning, or would have if I hadn't jumped in myself and held him up.

We chose to end your life today to free you from your pain
Like a thousand snakes of torment were writhing in your brain
They only stopped when you slept and lay peaceful on your bed
And now they've stopped for good and there's calm inside your head
We hope we did the right thing for you and for us too.
Goodbye old friend, old Trooper, you knew how we loved you.

If there's a doggy heaven it looks like Northumberland.
(Trooper at Embleton Bay May 2009)


Anonymous said...

Poor old Trooper. He was a top dog and I'm sure you'll miss him terribly. Embleton Bay just won't be the same without him.
Take care,
Kerry x

Anonymous said...

So very sad but I am certain Trooper adored every second he spent on his many walks. What better place to spend your days than roaming in the Northumberland scenery. He was a very lucky and well loved dog. I only met him once but feel I know him well from this blog. RIP Trooper.


Paul said...

I'm really sorry to hear about dear old Trooper. Every night before switching off my computer I'd take a look in at the ever changing north Northumberland coast and to see what Trooper had been up to. I'm really saddened to hear of Troopers passing. My thoughts are with you.

Lynn said...

Goodbye Trooper, old star. I'll miss you and all the endearing qualities which Andy captured in his words and pictures here.

you-wee because said...

My heartfelt sympathy for loosing a good friend and familiy member, Andy.

Good you have abiding memories in hunderd of photos of him. And I'm sure you'll keep your grey hairy shaggy bear in your heart, too.


E said...

So dreadfully sorry to hear about your lovely boy, Trooper. The best and kindest thing you can do is to help them go with love when the time has come (I just wish you could do the same for people). I'm sure he had the loveliest life with you.