Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Horses Waltz and other stories

11th June10, Boulmer, 9am

A cycle instead of a walk this morning took me on a 20 mile round trip to Boulmer. I sat on a bench, had a drink and contemplated the old machinery. There's quite a collection of rusting equipment which all seems to be in working order and it supports the small fishing community.

11th June10, Low Newton, 4pm

A fairly busy Friday afternoon to start the weekend. Despite the family groups flying kites and playing rounders, there's always space to sit and read or to quietly contemplate life.

Another peaceful spot at the Newton Pool bird hide. A couple of Little Grebes left of centre.

12th June10, Newton Links, 8am

Time for a quick walk by the sea before heading to the Big City for the day "because we can".

The local horses are often excercised in a circle on the sand. I have taken to thinking of this as "The Horses' Waltz" and I wrote a wee tune by that name last year.

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you-wee because said...

Very contemplative/thoughtful photos that you show us today, Andy.
I wish we had a house or a even small appartment near the seaside, too.

It's always relaxing without being boring to sit at or walk along the shore and let your eyes ramble over the water...

Cordiali & occupational saluti di Italia, Uwe.