Monday, 21 June 2010

Memento Mori

19th June10, Ellingham, 1pm

After a fine walk around Ellingham including a good lunch at the pub, we found ourselves wandering the old graveyard at the church. Very atmospheric. We're not in a morbid mood, it was just the way the walk went.

20th June10, Alnmouth, 12 noon

A stroll around Alnmouth on a day that was warm enough but a bit dull.

Nice enough for the Brits to be sat on the beach in jumpers and fleeces...


you-wee because said...

Or: Nice enough for the Krauts to go swimming in the sea or having a nice BBC with a charcoal grill... ;-))

Andy Craig said...

What is it with the Germans and swimming in the sea? We're the ones on an island!!

We had a BBQ wearing jackets and hats on Saturday night. Only the Australians have BBQs in the sun!

you-wee because said...

Hi Andy!

Whenever I am on my favourite vacation island (more or less) opposite of Northumberland, I see cracy or courageous Germans jumping in the North Sea floods - doesn't matter what season we have.

Especially during wintertime we have "Weihnachtsschwimmen" (Xmas' swimming) or "Neujahrsschwimmen" (New Year's swimming) with dozens, sometimes hundreds of "swimmers" - most of them just run in and out the floods within seconds, but hardcore everyday swimmers even take a bath lasting several minutes.

The current water temperatures in front of the Sylt costal line are 13°C. At least 2 to 3 degrees more we should have before I think about taking out my clothes and jumping into the surf. The higher the better - the less you feel the water temperature.

Do you enjoy swimming during summertime in your local bathtub in front of your front door?

Regards, Uwe.