Monday, 20 June 2011

A sense of scale

20th June 11, Howick Coast, 8am

We humans have a very narrow field of view when it comes to scale. I remember at university going from a lecture on the geology of the solar system straight into a lecture on the chemistry of sub-atomic particles - Fair blew a fuse that did!

Some things are too old for us to fully comprehend like this sandstone that someone has crafted a beautiful pillar out of. 350 million years old - visualise that if you can...

Some things are just too small to see. This wild thyme is so beautiful up close but how many clumpy feet walk by it every day without seeing?

The bees happily buzz from poppy to poppy beating their wings so fast that we can't even see them. Living a life on a microscopic scale; ignoring us and the bizarre things we think are important.

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Use your eyes to see
the world we normally don't.
Appreciate life

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