Friday 5 August 2011

Ephemeral Art

5th August 11, Howick Coast, 4pm

After a week in Yorkshire we're back and Daisy has a new present. A buff for dogs - what will they think of next!

A visitor has created this beautiful artwork on the shore. Consisting of a cairn with arch, two outlying arches and a distant balanced stone.

By the time we left, the balance stone was already overwhelmed by the rising tide. By tonight I think these will all be gone.

You can see all 3 arches and the balanced stone sticking up just in the water.

Is this the same mystery artist who created the tower on the 6th August last year? I suspect so.

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1 comment:

Andrew, Northumberland said...

That is absolutely stunning. I'd love to know the story behind it and the significance of the date. It surely must be more than one person though, with the span of those arches. A beautiful creation never-the-less.