Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Happy Families

23rd August 11, Boulmer, 4pm

The shore North of Boulmer is fairly bleak, especially at low tide when there's a vast expanse of flat, weedy rocks. This is a much loved area for folk who gather something from the rocks for reasons outside of my knowledge - fishing bait, seafood?

Inspired by chatting to a couple of artists on Twitter yesterday I've taken a slightly abstract approach to the shore.

...and then I came across this happy family. Regular readers of my blog will know how much I appreciate it when visitors leave art behind them. Isn't it great?

PS there's a bit more to this creation than I've photographed - you'll have to get on your bike and find it for yourself to see that...!

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1 comment:

you-wee because said...

I absolutely vibe with you / I'm tuned on the same wavelength, Andy!

Strolling along the beach and accidentally finding a piece of "beach art" is really what I appreciate, too!

The "stone family" is really made with love!