Sunday, 28 August 2011


28th August 11, Newton Links, 8am

6 people on the beach at 8am on a Sunday - must be a bank holiday!

Gorgeous sky for us to appreciate although some were too sweaty (runners), too shivery (loan swimmer) or too obsessed with paying £2 to park their £45,000 car (you know who you are) to notice.

Chill out people, life's too short.

From behind a cloud
The sun lights up the sea
And we're walking on the sand
You and Me

I must stop writing songs about my dog!

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you-wee because said...

busy??? --> overcrowded!!! (for your standards)


Should have been much calmer and emptier on your beach this morning, shouldn't it?

Have a great week with a lot of time to chill out...!


Lynn said...

What a beautiful sky! And don't stop writing songs about your dog.
Happy bank holiday!