Monday, 29 August 2011

hale and hearty

29th August 11, Newton Point, 7:30am

8 degC - August!! Lynn, I bet Adelaide's warmer than this in your winter!

A fierce NW wind is bringing a cold wind down over the country and I was in full winter gear with the first wooly hat of the season.

Daisy doesn't mind; she seems to positively enjoy wind in her fur and this is one of her favourite vantage points.

On the moor in a howling gale
Feeling hearty, feeling hale,
Wind is whipping ears and tail
Homeward we must go.

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1 comment:

Lynn Webber said...

Mmm, it looks a bit brisk over there! We've got down to 8 degrees at night (brrr) but had some warm days in the low 20s recently. Not bad for late winter.

PS Cool dog song!