Saturday 7 August 2010

mystery pillar

6th August10, Football Hole, 8am

A nice, quiet morning and Daisy had the run of the beach.

6th August10, Howick shoreline, 3pm

On our way we passed a familiar face... This is Bess another of Daisy's sisters and another wee beauty. She shares Daisy's mystic tail - There's a Harry Potter lightning strike at the top and a swirling galaxy of fur at the tip. I'll take photos of these features sometime...

A long time since we came down this way and as well as a new gate (where one was badly needed) we came upon this work of art. Words fail me really. The time spent, the skill, the artistic vision. All quite extraordinary. If I found that Andy Goldsworthy was on holiday here I wouldn't be surprised. This entire piece will be destroyed by the next strong tide but it will live on through my blog.

7th August10, Debdon nr Rothbury, 11am

Daisy's first moor walk and she loved jumping all over the heather and running and running and running some more. We were walking for an hour and a half and got home at 2pm. Now gone 4pm and she's still asleep!

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