Tuesday, 17 August 2010

High Tide Hikers

16th August10, Embleton Bay, 7am

A grey morning for a training course but there's always something to see and Sophie & Jamie were great folk to spend a few hours with. The tide was very high and the waves were coming right into the skaith sending ripples across the surface as their energy dispersed.

A lesson in the use of low shutter speed to give some movement to the waves and the use of black and white on a dull day (which regular visitors will know all about)

...and a lesson in photo-journalism. When you see a photo opportunity - grab it! These hikers had given up trying to keep their feet dry on the thin strip of sand.

17th August10, Newton Point, 8am

A normal walk with Daisy up along the coastal path to avoid another high tide. A very calm morning with last night's rain clouds heading off to bother the Danes. This wee boat seemed to be making slow going with its little engine in lumpy seas but there was no wind for a sail.

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