Monday, 23 August 2010

after the busy weekend

19th Aug10, Newton Point, 4pm

Avoiding the crowds by staying inland on a beautiful sunny day. This former coastguard lookout post is now a holiday cottage (with incredible TV reception!!)

22nd August10, Low Newton, 8am

An amazing morning for sky views. Just the tonic after a busy weekend with 2 fantastic weddings. I've taken nearly 2000 photos over Friday and Saturday so you'll understand why I don't feel so inclined to get my camera out when I'm on the beach!

22nd August10, St Aidan's beach, 8pm

Su and I had a great day at the Embleton Craft fair selling our greetings cards and I played a bit of music. The village was mobbed with visitors but they mostly went to the beach as it was a cracking day (24C and sunny) so it was quite quiet in the village hall. I met a few of my regular readers and was touched by the sympathy for Trooper's passing, the sharing of delight in Daisy's arrival and the lovely comments on my photos. I've not been posting so much recently as paid work has to take priority on my time but I'll not be deserting the blog!

This was a beautiful evening and lovely photographic opportunities abounded. Sometimes Daisy made her presence felt where she wasn't really wanted. So much for my mirror-like pool...

A sunset without Daisy

A long legged family portrait

23rd August10, Newton Links, 7am

Rain forecast for later but it was a fine morning albeit chilly at 9C in the car first thing.

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