Saturday, 14 August 2010


13th August10, Low Newton, 8am

No people this early but lots of boats parked on the sand.

Further on, the remains of last night's beach party. The chairs were arranged as if for a discussion. I was thinking that last night's rain must have brought the festivities/meeting to a hurried end when, just to make a point, the rain returned and we turned our back to the deluge and moved on.

14th August10, Newton Point, 7:30 am

After a day of cold and rain yesterday, more of the same this morning. The wind was joining forces with the drizzle giving it some gusto and it was all pretty unpleasant. These fellows had a telescope pointing out to sea under their umbrella. I would have gone to ask what they were looking for but I was pretty sure Daisy would go mad and knock the umbrella over, or the telescope, or both. Anyway, I was keen to get back to the shelter of the car.

Top news story in this week's local paper...

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