Thursday, 19 August 2010

Drifting Wood

18th Aug10, Embleton Bay, 8am

This bit of driftwood has been handy for training purposes. I have photographed it for the blog before but I'm replicating here the composition that one of my clients used on Monday. The grain seems to draw the eye into the centre of the image from lots of directions. I was lucky to have two people passing by to balance the composition just nicely. 99 times out of 100 a shot like this would be devoid of life but where's the story in that?

Nearby, the morning sun was lighting this rainy blade of grass. Each droplet is acting like a magnifying glass to show the structure of the grass beneath and in doing so they resemble sea gooseberries (see blogs passim)

An attempt to photograph a limpet on the sand with the camera set up completely incorrectly resulted in this abstract impression of a limpet.

Another semi-abstract of the sun on the waves taken from the top of the dunes.

18th August10, Embleton Bay, 7pm

The aforementioned driftwood has drifted some more. It's now in the skaith (I suspect with human help) and the nice grain is hidden from view. It's still in a nice spot for a composition. The setting sun lights the scene beautifully.

A visitor catches the last rays of the sun while their friend surfs away the evening.

The dunes themselves cast a cold shadow over the beach as the sun goes down but out over the castle there's still drama in the sky.

An abstract composition of the roseate clouds.

19th Aug10, Christon Bank, 06:30

Up early for Daisy's walk; she looks very pretty against the morning sun.

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