Saturday, 23 July 2011

Old Beach Road

23rd July 11, Newton Links, 7am

Something a bit different today. Thanks to Uwe for the idea.

This video is of Johnny Dickinson, an excellent local Northumbrian blues musician (although this video's from Kentucky). Play the video and then browse my sea pictures from this morning's spectacular waves. (note the video might make you a bit sea-sick but that all adds to the effect!)

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Paul said...

Superb pictures Andy....enjoyed Johnny Dickinson as well.

you-wee because said...

Great to see I was a kind of inspiration for you and your blog, Andy! ;-))

The week after next I have the next chance to travel to the German North Sea coast - to the endless beaches of Sylt.
So when strolling along your beach with Daisy the next time, cast a glance in southeasterly direction...

Regards, Uwe.