Thursday, 7 July 2011


7th July 11, Howick shore, 8am

After yesterday's heavy rain we headed for the nicely made path at Howick to avoid any mud.

The wind was up and lovely waves were sweeping into the shore.

Two different thistles: Thistle 1 was in a sheltered spot and both photographer and bees could take advantage of the still conditions...

Thistle 2 was in the barley field and was blowing around vigorously.

Being a sighthound, Daisy likes a vantage point to visually survey the landscape in case of rabbits, hares, any other moving things...

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you-wee because said...

We await the rain (and some isolated thunderstorms?) for the late afternoon and evening here at the southwest of Germany. More or less the same  (shit) you had yesterday, Andy!

Although I'm a little idle / lazy during summertime (especially in writing comments), I regularly follow (track?) your posts... ;-)

Regards from Swabia to Northumberland,