Thursday, 14 July 2011

Snow White

14th July 11, Wandylaw 1pm

There are a few fields hereabouts which are white with flowers; like snow drifts across the landscape. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who might know the identity of the crop either by leaving a comment or via Twitter (@nland360)

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely GLORIOUS!!!! Thanks for this.

you-wee because said...

--> Linum perenne 'Album' - White Flax!?


Regards, Uwe.

Andy Craig said...

I think you are right Uwe but mine has white & blue stamens, yours has yellow and white !!

The many faces of nature??

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog and you have taken some really nice photos keep it up

you-wee because said...

There are so many varieties / mutants / versions of flax (= faces of nature) - here in Germany I normally see the blue species of flax sometimes.
Would be glad to have such a great field of white (flax) flowers here in my part of the world. Never seen something like your white flax field in Germany in natural surroundings - just a few plants in a front garden.


Andrew Bothamley said...

My first reaction was Flax as well. Whatever it is it makes for a beautiful shot!