Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Warning, Snow!

4th Jan10, Newton Links, 2pm

The access road was pure ice and very slippy but the trusty snow tyres on the car are a great help.

This crate has had a long journey South.

Meet Grace. Half dog, Half cuddly Bear. best thing about Grace is that Trooper likes her and chases her off quite politely!

4th Jan2010, at home, 9pm

Out in the garden with Trooper the sky was clear and beautiful. Our remote location has it's advantages. Here is Orion (upside down to those viewing from Australia) with the lights of Alnwick spoiling the view in the distance.

5th Jan10, Christon Bank, 9am

I fancied that this sign, a humble "junction" sign for the rest of the year, had automatically converted to be a "Warning, Snow!" sign

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Yes, Orion looks much more like a hunter that way up!

I'm loving your snowy photos. Looking at them is a great way of keeping cool. Our 40 degrees heatwave continues in Adelaide. (No wonder we see Orion as a saucepan).