Friday, 15 January 2010

is everything dead?

Since the snow started to go, the weather has been relentlessly grey, cold and uninspiring.

14th jan10, Embleton Bay, 3pm

Still a heavy sea which had dumped a pile of plastic jetsam on the beach. As it included a couple of buckets I used the buckets to de-litter the beach a bit.

15th Jan10, Alnwick, 8am

Out the back door and at last some colour in the sky. It lasted a few moments before the grey covered all. And so to the Big Town for a walk today that took in the fire station, the old railway, the A1, some old farmland, the sewage works, a new housing estate and the hospital car park. Glamorous stuff! Not much sign of life around at all at this time of year.

an auld empty barn

One dead and two hibernating trees.

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