Saturday, 30 January 2010

Oh No, More Snow!

Another white morning but only a couple of inches overnight. It's nice to see it white again.

30th Jan10, Christon Bank, 8am

Burdock seed heads wearing caps of snow. Inside the wood was calm enough for the snow to lie undisturbed. Away from the shelter of the trees there's a biting Northerly wind straight off the arctic.

30th Jan10, Howick Gardens, 11am

Back home and the sun came out. On a beautiful day like this I had to be out there. I liked the idea of the shelter of trees so back on the snowy road to Howick for a longer walk.

Trooper goes bananas in the snow. He loves it.

Back to my current obsession with patterns. The flat light of a couple of days ago was replaced by bright sun and dark shadows and a whole new world of possibilites opens up. I thought these snow burdened fir branches were not unlike starfish.

And these patches of light in the snow reminded me of a flight of gulls.

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you-wee because said...

...very pleasant images of your Northumberlandish snow winter, Andy!

We got covered in snow in our part of the world this weekend as well. But we are already fed up with the winter weather, we are looking forward to springtime with sunshine, much higher temeratures and - especially - vernal flowers!