Friday, 8 January 2010

a room with a view

The news last night said this is "the worst winter for 50 years" (not 1947, 1979, 1981 etc). It's an unusually negative word "worst" when you look at the following pictures of this "terrible" winter.

I'm getting a bit fed up with the miserable faces of the local TV newscasters as they desperately try to put a negative, sensational spin on the local co-op running short of bread for 1 day!

Astute readers may notice I'm not going to the beach much as all the beautiful scenery is right here, 2 miles inland.

7th Jan10, Christon Bank, 4pm

Frozen wool.

8th Jan10, Christon Bank, 11am

-9 C this morning but the snow is so dry that it is still soft powder. The clear skies that have brought the fall in temperature are fantastic.

8th jan10, Christon Bank, 4pm

This house has a bridleway going right past its windows. To preserve their privacy they have silvered all the windows. As we walked past today, the sunset was reflected quite nicely.

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