Thursday, 7 January 2010

too many trains?

This is the "worst winter since 1979" I heard last night ( what happened to 1981 and 1947??) I've been driving Su into work all week and, with another 4" of snow overnight the roads were worse than ever this morning. It was however the most beautiful morning, the snow tyres are good and my confidence on snow has returned. So I went out looking for a spot to park that wouldn't annoy anyone and I could get back out of. This I found near Rock.

7th Jan10, nr Rock 10am

I'm not normally given to photographing trains but they don't half look spectacular in these conditions...

Here's a sequence from the bridge over the railway. The road was so quiet that it was a really peaceful spot until the train thundered through and smashed the calm into a million shards of flying snow.

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Lynn said...

These photos are BRRRRRilliant!