Sunday, 17 January 2010

dawn comes to those who wait.

The weather forecast was great for today so I ventured out before light to see if there would be a nice sunrise. In fact the pre-sun light was rather flat and dull and it just got steadily lighter.

Eventually a bit of colour arrived, just before the sun itself arose and disappeared into the bank of cloud but it was all the nicer for its subtlety.

17th Jan10, Embleton Bay, 7:30 am

17th Jan10, Newton Links, 2pm

The skies cleared and it was indeed a lovely sunny day.

Long Nanny contre jour

blue skies and blue sea (compare to yesterday!)

Very bonny horses with not much beach to trot along due to the tide.

Trooper keeps an eye on things


you-wee because said...

The early bird catches the worm.
Even on Sunday.

At sunrise (on Sunday morning) I still lay in my bed for another three hours, the duvet right up to my ears.
On the other hand I have to bounce out of my bed prior to sunrise to welcome the dawn on my way to work during a regular work week.

Have a pleasant week, Andy,



Andy Craig said...

Thanks for your comments. I've never been one to lie in bed, I normally have to force the dog to get up too! He would happily lie in..

you-wee because said...

I really love the winter sun, too, because the light is much warmer than in other seasons (presumed you have more or less blue sky and not too much clouds).
Regularly, several times a year, I try to go to the German North Sea coast. Especially to my favourite island Sylt.

If you have a look to Google maps, you see that Northumerland and Sylt are nearly of the same latitude.
The main difference is: At Northumberland you have to jump out early in the morning to capture the rising sun right above the horizon - with or without a dog). On Sylt you may stay in bed much longer and can take great sunsets right to the sea horizon in the late afternoon (winter) or in late evening (summer). ;-)