Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Things that float

An interesting walk around Warkworth beach for a change.

20th jan10, Warkworth beach, 8am

The route took us to Amble harbour but from the wrong side of the River Coquet. At this tide, the sand and mud is a nautical graveyard with wooden tombstones, black and rotten, marking the graves of various boats of uncertain age and structures I take to be old piers. Onshore too there is a mass of natural and man-made detritus; the recent spring tides and Easterlies have washed up a forest of driftwood and another old boat sits awaiting its fate. Being fibreglass, it isn't about to rot away to anywhere any time soon. An interesting, rather than beautiful, landscape on a dull, windswept day like this.

The natural landscape of the beach is much more appealing than the harbour with its several generations worth of large-scale littering or was it just that the wind was now blowing me towards home?

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