Sunday, 9 April 2017

talking sense

8th March 2017, Newton Point, 8am

From our vantage point here the view was nice but it was all my senses that came to life.

The colour of the blue, blue sky
The feel of the cool wind
The sound of the skylarks high above and all around us
The seasonal smell of the gorse warm in the full sun.
The taste...well, there was nothing to taste so we went home for breakfast.

Stop and take the time to live the experience you are having.

I like this quote from one of my favourite landscape photographers Colin Prior

"…and it’s not just the visual information you're after - you need to absorb everything.  If you want to be a great photographer you need to switch on all of your senses it’s not just vision. We’ve got to smell things and we hear things, and that informs the photograph."

Andy Craig Photography

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