Saturday, 14 January 2017


14th January 2017, Embleton Bay, 8am

We got to the beach half an hour before sunrise.  The pre-dawn light was beautiful on the Skaith.  Yesterday's storm tide had flooded right up to the edge of the golf course.

The sand was swept clean and the sea had been up to the dunes and had nibbled at the edge to reveal the tank traps.  I've turned this on its side so you can see what I reckon is a caricature of Hitler beneath the swastika.

Daisy and me went up to our perch to watch the world go by and wait for the sunrise

Sunrise was delayed by a bank of cloud at the horizon but eventually the sun appeared above the cloud

The bay was transformed as the sunlight washed across the big breakers rolling into Embleton Bay

14th January 2017, Football Hole, 2pm

We were here early enough to catch the sunlight on the waves although the shadows of the dunes was creeping up.

The waves were bonny from above but intimidating from head on

Daisy was content to head inland towards the setting sun

14th Jan 2017, Christon Bank, 3:30pm

A sunset afternoon run through the woods

Andy Craig Photography

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