Thursday, 5 May 2016

fine weather

5th May 2016, Low Newton, 6am

We're having a fine spell of weather just now.

Daisy at dawn...

Andy Craig Photography

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you-wee because said...

Dear Andy,

long time no see and no hear!

Yesterday I had a guest from England for a guided tour through the workshop in the company I work for - he (Ian) works for the Northumbria University at Newcastle upon Tyne. That should not too far away from the region where you live, shouldn't it?

Next week my sweetheart & I will spend some days at the northeast of Germany and we want to explore the beaches and shoteline of the Baltic Sea.

All the best from Germany,

Andy Craig said...

Hi Uwe. Newcastle is our nearest city and just 60 Km south of us here. I try to stay in the countryside though!

Have a great trip to NE Germany.