Saturday, 6 October 2012

Before the sun

6th Oct12, Embleton Bay, 6:30am

I arrived at 6:30am, at the same time as two other photographers - it was that kind of morning. They waited by The Skaith and I headed off with Daisy along the beach. On a clear morning such as this the best colours are pre-dawn. As soon as the sun itself appears the colours fade to daylight very quickly

This is a 1" exposure with the camera balanced on my hat. (the hat being on a rock and not my head at this point)

An alternative crop with just the motion in the sea and the colour of the sky

A shorter exposure with a nice foreground

Some of you know I'm more interested in shots that tell a story or capture an atmosphere. These last two are my favourites (photographically speaking)

Mr Heron waits for breakfast as I head home before the dawn.

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Lynn said...

Gorgeous colours! My favourite is the first one, intriguing on many levels not least being the point of view of the hat...