Wednesday, 23 March 2011

long time no see

23rd March11, Howick shore, 9am

Day 2 of Alex's training and another fine morning, warm and bright.

Lots of noisy kittiwakes back in residence on the cliffs...

The cliffs have had a fairly major collapse with tons of rock and earth dumped on the foreshore. The sandstone thus exposed was unweathered and vividly bright with iron oxide (aka rust). These grains of sand haven't seen the light of day for millions of years. I wonder what they would think of today's world compared to the beaches they knew back then...?

Here's Pablo the Saluki lurcher. Gorgeous 1 year old boy. Salukis are so elegant - perhaps 2nd only to Afghan hounds, and not like our favourite; scruffy wee Daisy...

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