Thursday, 11 September 2014

sunrise days

8th September 2014, Beadnell Bay, 6:30am

A beautiful dawn reflected on the beach

10th September 2014, Low Newton, 7am

The sunrise was OK, nothing special, and then a spectacular ray of light shot up through the clouds

10th September 2014, Newton Point, 4pm

Is this an Indian Summer? The summer's never stopped - it just seems to have gone and on and on...

Daisy had some BBQ charcoal in her mouth. It probably tasted of sausage fat!

Daisy and Grace. Legs-a-go-go with Grace's new poodle-cut.

11th September 2014, Football Hole, 6:30am

Another misty sunrise. I found myself imagining this as a subject Van Gogh could have painted beautifully. I think the waves remind me of his brushstrokes.

Andy Craig Photography

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