Thursday, 7 October 2010

Two Sunny Days

6th October10, Cullernose Point, 2pm

Two sunny days in the enjoyable company of Dave and Atholl (at least it was sunny after we avoided the rain on Wednesday morning). This first picture is a departure from my 'travel light' approach. Big camera, 3 filters, fancy wide angle lens, tripod and a very big camera bag. It does make for a nice image though...

7th October10, Craster shore, 9am

Only one (polariser) filter and the big camera here. Back to the little camera from now on...


davegray said...

2 great days in which I've learn't so much more about composition and styles of photography,not to mention the advanced skills I've now picked up for using Photoshop.
I would highly recommend you take up the company of Andy and learn so much more about photographic techniques. Oh and he guarantees excellent weather!!!!!!
Dave Gray

you-wee because said...

Aperture 22, long exposure time, motion blur of several seconds - that must be a grey grad filter and additional grey filter(s)???

Great result, Andy!


Andy Craig Photography said...

Thanks Dave. Very kind of you to say. As you've found out today (Friday) it isn't sunny on days when you're not training with me ;-)

Uwe - Nearly spot on! Only 0.6 sec at f22 and that despite ISO 50 2 ND filters and a polariser. It was a very bright afternoon.