Wednesday, 27 October 2010

surf n' turf

23rd October10, Harthope Valley, 11am

Into the cheviots for an autumn walk. Gorgeous colours and a lot of water in the rivers and becks.

Our nature bonus: We came across a small colony of hibernating ladybirds.

24th October10, Low Newton, 11am

We'd walked from Newton Links to Low Newton and were ready to head back. Daisy looked longingly at Low newton beach wanting to go and join in the fun...

25th October10, Embleton Bay and Fallodon woods.

I can't guarantee good weather for a course but Dan had good luck with the weather on Monday. We walked from Embleton bay up to the castle and after lunch headed to Fallodon woods for a bit of a change of scene.

27th October10, Low Newton, 8am

After a miserable and dull day yesterday it was back to glorious sunshine for this morning.

This is probably a flock of golden plover. I've been told that they have a winter roost out on the Emblestones. When they're in residence you see them taking off and flocking around regularly.

Where wind and wave meet
Two unstoppable forces
Outcome? Beautiful.


Lynn Webber said...

What a brilliant photo of the ladybirds ! And is that some kind of lichen? I've not seen anything like it before. It looks good enough to slices of crystallised fruit.

Andy Craig Photography said...

Thanks Lynn. I can't find this fungus (for fungus it is) in my book but there is a similar one that's eaten in chinese cooking. It must be your exotic Eastern tastes!

Andy x

Martin Kitching said...

Hi Andy

The fungus looks like Jelly Ear Auricularia auricula-judae