Thursday, 29 July 2010

Flat Calm

29th July10, 8am, Craster

Cratster for this morning's training course on a damp, grey morning. Even the greyest clouds can yield some interest on a simple "U2 album cover" kind of a composition.

Another piece of old rope - I do like my old rope...


Unknown said...

Thanks Andy had a great day. I actually got one or two decent shots on such a flat day. Well chuffed!


Elaine said...

I saw your top image and immediately thought of this!

I wish he had stuck a chimney in there - Salvadore Lowry lol!

Enjoying watching Daisy grow up - she is a delight.

Andy Craig Photography said...

Great to hear that Ian - Thanks.

Elaine - that's quite a compliment thank you! It's interesting to see these simple seascapes. It's quite a different side of Lowry.

Daisy is just the right shape to be a Lowry dog...