Sunday, 25 July 2010


24th July10, St Aidan's Beach, Seahouses, 9am

This starfish is a Sunstar. Not uncommon says the book, but we were pleased to see it. Judging by the marks in the sand he'd been moving about recently.

This stretchy little toy had been stretched once too many times...

25th July10, Embleton bay, 06:30

Up early with Daisy and down to Embleton Bay for the first time. I thinks she was impressed. Despite the early hour we were joined by a jogger, a walker, two cyclists and a photographer. It was a lovely morning but I was still in my 'winter' gear and was far too hot for the season. It's been anything from 11 - 23C in the last week but I should have checked my thermometer before I left the car...

The horizon was a confusing picture of clouds, sky, sea, waves, sand and reflections.

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you-wee because said...

Very nice findings on the beach, Andy!

I've never seen a sunstar - the German word is "Sonnenstern" - on the German or Danish north sea coast. Just common starfish or - less frequent - brittle/serpent stars.
But you red sunstar is really a nice and impressive specimen.