Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Nice Quote

On "Who Do You Think You Are", the geneaology programme on the BBC, Bruce Forsyth's Great Grandfather was featured. A bit of a cad with his families but a writer and garden designer of some repute in Victorian times.

Anyway, I loved this quote from one of his books:

"This world abounds in beauty and light and Nature yields an everlasting inspiration which is to be gained only by true admiration of herself in all her moods." Joseph Forsyth-Johnson

You couldn't ask for a more apposite quote for my view of the natural world.

28th July10, Embleton Bay, 8am

The mood today was calm, peaceful and pleasant. On a day when a pile of Ansel Adam's glass negatives, bought in a yard sale for $40, have been valued at $200,000,000, I thought I should have a couple of B&W landscapes on here. It does strike me that as Ansel Adam's finished product was his prints and he spent days in the darkroom perfecting a single print, this means that the negatives are without value. Without AA's magic in the darkroom, they will never be AA prints, no matter who, or how cleverly, they are printed.

I'm not bitter; each of my original digital files is probably worth $2.

So much for trying to emulate someone else. This is what comes naturally to me; from a lofty perch atop the dunes, it's fun to watch the world go by on the beach below.


Lynn Webber said...

I'm very intrigued by the last photo. It looks like you were hovering over the water rather than sitting in the sand dunes !
Where IS the sea?

you-wee because said...

Yeah, really a nice and suitable quote for us, Andy! ;-)

When strolling next time along your beach with your animal companion and your camera, please look accurately to the East (more precise: east south-east). Perhaps you'll see me strolling along "my" beach with my human companion and my camera, too!


Have a pleasant summer time on the opposite side of the North Sea!


Andy Craig Photography said...

Hovering over the sea is a viewpoint I haven't quite mastered yet...! I see what you mean though Lynn, it's a bit of a backward beach in this photo.

Happy summer strolling Uwe!