Friday, 9 July 2010

Field Trip

8th July10, Newton Links, 3pm

Daisy's getting too heavy to carry to the clean sand from the car park but she's starting to really enjoy a run along the sand. Today she discovered jelly fish (taste bad) and digging (very good fun)

9th July10, Howick Coast, 8am

A very low tide exposing all the fantastic rock formations of the Howick fault. I went right down to the shore and scrambled about in areas I've not been to before. Even though the fault must have slipped many thousands (or millions) of years ago, you can see the power of the thrust in the twisting of the rock beds and the huge (200m) vertical displacement between the limestone to the North and the sandstone to the South of the fault line.

The vertical dispacement is seen in this view (note the 25l barrel on the shore for scale)

Whin sill has subsequently intruded at the fault zone to add to the confusion.

Away from all the fossilised violence, the fulmars and kittiwakes sit peacefully on limestone ledges.

Something, perhaps a swallow, has a taste for a brightly coloured breakfast and obviously didn't fancy the wings.


Lynn Webber said...

Interesting geology lesson! What a fantastic coastline. And now I know what a whin sill looks like, which I'm happy about.

you-wee because said...

Great photos in your post, Andy, I like them very much.
Especially the last one is very poetically.

During summer time I'll slow down a little - it's definitely too hot in Germany these days, even in the evening, to sit in front of the notebook.
But from time to time I will have a peep on your blog.

Enjoy your summer!