Thursday, 19 November 2009

Noisy Beach

18th Nov09, High Newton, 8am

This is my peak season for kids' portraits so not much time for extended walking and not many photos as my mind is elsewhere. I've photographed over 40 kids in the last 2 weeks and I'm a bit done with the visual world for now! It's nice to wrap up and lie back with Trooper on the beach for a while with my eyes shut. I hear the wind whistle overhead and whip through the grass, the rain taps on my hood seeking my attention while the curlew and oyster catchers pipe their mournful refrain over the rhythm of the regular breaking waves and constant "sea noise". Somewhere in amongst all of this nature a man enthusiastically narrates his tale of Britain's oldest bell foundry in my earphones. Too incongruous for today so I'll save that one for another walk...

When my eyes opened, this bank of cloud seemed to rear up from over the horizon.

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Lynn Webber said...

Interesting to hear that kids' portraits are seasonal. Enjoyed your soundscape, and the beautiful photo of what you saw when you opened your eyes.