Tuesday, 3 November 2009

end of an era

3rd Nov09, Low Newton, 8am

Wet weather gear kept me dry in a torrential downpour so heavy that the raindrops were making indentations in Trooper's fur. He didn't mind. Interesting light as is often the case as rainy weather moves around so I didn't mind either.

3rd Nov09, High Newton, 4pm

Too exotic for Northumberland surely? The local farm has peacocks and this feather had found its way to the beach.

These birds are probably Golden Plover. They like to fly together over the beach as the sun sets.

Trooper finally killed his ball. It's a good few years since someone kicked it over our garden wall and he claimed it as his Favourite Toy - it's always had just the right combination of being inflated enough to bounce but flat enough to be easily caught and held in the teeth. Now it's just flat.

We hung about on the beach long enough for a nice sunset behind the dunes.

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